I decided after much deliberation to set up My Face or yours both as a way to share my love of all things beauty related and also as a connection back to the big wide world. I am a thirty something stay at home mammy from Dublin and as the kids are getting older feel like I have more time for myself and what better way to spend it than sharing my passion for makeup and beauty (and it is a big passion) with the world! I discovered some blogs over the last couple of years and love reading reviews of products both good and bad so why not share my own thoughts.

I have always loved makeup but its only since I quit smoking almost 5 years ago now that I really started to discover and delve further into the colour full world of makeup. I suppose I swapped one addiction for another! I am not a makeup artist, though I am considering looking into training in the future, but I love to sit at my dressing table and practice my limited skills. Skincare is also something that I am delving further into as I have learned that no makeup will look good unless the canvas underneath is at its best.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and ramblings on here and that my reviews both good and bad will help if your looking for something in particular. I promise all thoughts and opinions will be my own no matter what!

Fiona x

You can contact me at:  Fiona@myfaceoryours.ie