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BPerfect Cosmetics Semi-Permanent Brow kit

Brows brows brows……. We either love them or hate them! BPerfect Cosmetics Semi-Permanent Brow Kit promises to make our lives easier by giving perfect brows in seconds. So does it live up to it’s promise??? I watched a facebook live demo video lastweek from Meaghers Pharmacy in conjunction with BPerfect cosmetics and was intrigued to say the least. I mean when a product says it can give me perfect brows without the hard work obviously I just have to try it! I’m all for trying anything that makes my life easier 🙂

BPerfect Cosmetics are an Irish brand which was set up in 2012 and still based in Belfast. They also featured on the Irish version of  Dragons Den earlier this year and managed to secure investment from two of the dragons. The brand is described as a brand that creates innovative products that are on trend and unique.

Bperfect cosmetics brow kit
BPerfect Cosmetics Brow kit contents
The Product review:

Now I don’t exactly have sparse eyebrows! In fact I have fairly full brows but I can just never get them even or shaped properly so I really had high hopes for the BPerfect Cosmetics brow kit. There are four shades in the range:

  • Brown – For a very subtle look, best suited to those with very fair brow hairs or fine brow hairs
  • Irid Brown – Creates a defined shape. Medium brown with subtle red tones, suitable for those with red, auburn or dark brown hair
  • Chocolate – For strong definition, Dark brown. Suitable for those with warm blonde, dark brown to black hair
  • Charcoal – For a high definition brow. Best for those with silver, ash blonde, darker and thicker brown/black hair or just wanting a striking look

I chose the shade Chocolate as I have dark brown hair with warm blonde lighter ends.

Bperfect cosmetics brow kit
BPerfect Cosmetics Brow Powder

And I wasn’t wrong…… As soon as it arrived I just had to give it a go! The BPerfect Cosmetics brow kit contains a brow powder, 3 brow stencils and a double ended application brush. I gave my brows a quick tidy up with my tweezers before getting stuck into the product. I chose to use the defined stencil as it looked the closest to my natural brow shape and set to work.

My brows are fairly even but I like to fill them in and can never get them how I want them to look. I just always end up with a perfectly arched brow on one side and not on the other.

Bperfect cosmetics brow kit

To use the product you literally choose the shaped stencil you want to use and then hold it in place over the brow whilst applying the really pigmented powder. In the demo Brendan from BPerfect Cosmetics showed how you just pick up a little powder onto the fluffy end of the brush and just work it into the brow – colouring the skin aswell as the hairs.

Bperfect cosmetics brow kit

Bingo! Perfect, evenly shaped brows :). The brow powder is also water and smudge proof so will stay in place until you remove your makeup. I’ve used it every day since it arrived and can attest to the lasting power!

I am so glad I decided to purchase the product and would have no hesitation recommending it. It is on the expensive side but for the amount of product you use each time this will last a very long time.

The BPerfect Semi-Permanent Brow kit retails at €29.99 and is available from many local pharmacies as well as direct from the BPerfect Cosmetics online store HERE or Meaghers Pharmacy online HERE

Have you tried the BPerfect Cosmetics Semi-Permanent Brow Kit or any of their other products? Let me know in the comments section below.

Fiona x

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