First blog post

Ok here goes…………………

This is my very first blog post and I feel like I’m jumping into a huge ocean. Over the last two years or so I have followed many blogs, some well known some not so much. Some I have continued to follow and some I have unfollowed for various reasons in both instances. I hope I have learned some of the basics from the best of them! I have tossed around the idea of starting a blog and so many times have said right lets go only to wake up the next morning and put it on the back burner again. Following a chat with an old college pal who has started her own kids fashion blog I’ve finally made the decision to jump in – hope I wont regret it 🙂

My main reason for starting this blog is my undying, unwavering (possibly over obsessive) love of make up and all things beauty. I am a marketer’s dream lol, I love trying new products whether they be new on shelves or old favourites, both high end and high street. As a stay at home mammy I suppose some would say I have plenty of time on my hands…….. I guess I do have a bit more time while the kids are at school which allows me time to try a new foundation or eye makeup look or whatever. I love nothing more than getting up and once the kids are all gone to school having a root through my stash and deciding which products I will use on that day. I must take this opportunity to state I am not a make up artist just an enthusiast. I have always loved makeup, wearing it since I was about 13 but it was only in the last couple of years that I really got stuck into it.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts and promise all opinions will be my own whether good or bad……… and please go easy on me 🙂

I’m on the train now so let’s get it out of the station……. proper first review blog post will follow soon…….

Much love

MFoY x

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