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Five Favourite Face Makeup Brushes


My five favourite face brushes that I use

Hey Everyone,

When it comes to applying makeup I literally cannot use anything other than my beloved brushes. I wouldn’t paint the walls with my hands so therefore the same goes for my face!

When I really started to get more into makeup I just knew I would need the right tools for the job – The five brushes I am talking about here are my staples. I will say that some of them are on the more spendy side and you can get cheaper, just as good, alternatives now from the likes of Penny’s/Primark (watch for my bargain brush at the end :))


First up is the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 – This is a flat top kabuki style brush that buffs foundation perfectly. I love the flawless finish it gives, I have this one over a year and it is still as good as new, never sheds and bristles and comes up spotless when its cleaned – the only downside is that it takes a bit of extra effort to clean as it is such a dense tightly packed brush. I actually bought this one as part of a set of two and paid in the region of €26, I will leave the links below for where you can purchase


Next is my powder brush – The 1ss from Inglot. This was actually one of the first brushes I bought nearly three years ago and it was well worth the spend. It is made from squirrel substitute hair and is one of the softest brushes I have ever come across. The shape and density of this brush makes it easy to apply powder down the T zone and cheeks without packing it on. This brush was €35 and I bought it from my local Inglot store but you can also purchase online – I will leave the site link below.


For blush / bronzer I use the Inlglot 15BJF – the one I reach for most when applying bronzer and blush. The shape of the head of this brush is actually not round like most blush brushes, the outside bristles are slightly shorter than the centre which means you can apply your products using a slight angle – you could also apply a light contour using this one. This one cost €25 from my local Inglot store


This one is the Inglot 4ss and is also made from squirrel substitute hair. The little gem is actually a bit of a multi-tasker. I use it to buff in concealer under my eyes, for getting in around the contours of my nose and for applying powder under my eyes. As it can do so much for one brush I think it was definitely worth the €22 I paid – you can find it on the site linked below.


Finally and by no means least this is my absolute bargain brush from Penny’s/Primark, This fan brush is a dream for applying powder highlighter and cost a whopping €1.50, at that price you could buy a few and always have a spare 🙂

As I already said you can now get really good quality cheaper alternatives to the brushes I am talking about – I may or may not have bought some myself just for the days when I am too lazy to wash my brushes ssshhhh 😉

You can buy the Inglot brushes from Here, the Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes can be purchased directly from their site Here or from

Which brush brand do you enjoy using? Or is there any brands you would’nt recommend? Comment below

Hope you enjoyed reading this post,

MFoY x

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