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Five Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes

So for this post I’ve decided to do another makeup brush review and dedicate it to my top Five Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes. I am not a makeup artist in any way – just a makeup enthusiast. However, I do believe makeup is art and every good artist needs good tools. If you haven’t read my previous post on my top face makeup brushes you will find it HERE.

Five Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes

The five I am talking about here are not my only eye brushes but they are the five that I use most often.

Inglot 6ss – made from squirrel substitute hair
Five Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes
Inglot 6ss

The Inglot 6ss brush was actually one of the first professional makeup brushes I ever purchased. I have had this one for over four years I reckon and it is still going strong. I have a few other brushes from the brand but this is probably my favourite. If you are looking for a good fluffy blending brush then this is the one. It blends eyeshadows like a dream. It is perfect for blending out darker shadows or even if you just want a quick swipe of colour across the eye when you are in a hurry. The 6ss retails at €20 and I will leave a link below to where you can purchase.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

The rest of my top five must have eye makeup brushes are all from the Blank Canvas Cosmetics brand. I was a late comer to the party on these and am raging I never discovered them sooner as they are such good quality for a fraction of the cost of other brands.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics E24 flat shader – made from high quality natural fibres
FIve Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes
Blank Canvas Cosmetics E24

This one is a flat shader brush. Perfect for packing on colour or even glitter pigments. It picks up just the right amount of product for placing on the lid. You can also spray the brush head with a little fixing spray or similar if you want to really pack on colour. It could also be used for applying concealer to the under eye area as the brush hairs are nice and tightly packed but not overly so. The quality of this brush is phenomenal for the price – just over €7. I actually have a few of these so that I always have one to hand.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26 blending brush – also made from high quality natural fibres
Five Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes
Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26

If you are thinking this one looks similar to the much hyped MAC Cosmetics 217 then you would be right in thinking so. The Difference………and the only difference at that in my opinion is the price! I might be on my own in saying so but I actually prefer this one. I just find this to be more flexible and soft compared to the MAC one. This brush is perfect for blending shadows in the crease as it has a nice sized tapered brush head. It is soft and fluffy but not too much so that it blends where you want it to blend without the brush hairs splaying. If you are considering the MAC 217 I would say give this one a try first as you will be pleasantly surprised as well as saving quite a bit – this one retails at €7.99 on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics E37 pencil brush – made from high quality, easy to clean synthetic fibres
Five Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes
Blank Canvas Cosmetics E37

This little one is what you want if you are looking for a brush for adding smokiness to your eye makeup. The small tapered bristles are tightly packed for placing darker shadows in the outer corner of the eye. You could also use this for placing inner corner highlight or even smoking out the under eye. I have also used this when I want to soften my eyeliner for a more blended smoky look. This one is actually vegan friendly and retails at just €6.99

Blank Canvas Cosmetics E10 small socket blender – made from goat hair
Five Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes
Blank Canvas Cosmetics E10

Lastly and by no means leastly this is the E10. This one is perfect for just adding in a little bit of extra depth into the crease. It is also another one for smoking out the under eye. The bristles on this are so soft and delicate that they wont upset any shadows already blended. Another bargain at just €6.99 – there is also a synthetic version available.

You can purchase Inglot makeup brushes from your local Inglot store or online HERE – I have linked directly to the 6ss. The Blank Canvas Cosmetic brushes are available from leading pharmacies nationwide as well as online HERE directly from the brand. You can also purchase them from leading websites such as Cloud10beauty and Meagherspharmacy.
Have you tried any of these five must have eye makeup brushes or do you have favourites? Let me know in the comments below

Fiona x

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  1. Great review Fiona! We, too, absolutely love the blank canvas brushes. High quality brushes at such an affordable price! The E24 is fabulous for creating colourful eye shadow looks!

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