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Lets Talk Lips!

MAC lip conditioner

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend?

I’ve decided to talk about lip care today as its something that I am guilty of ignoring in my skincare routine.

How many of us spend a small fortune on the latest greatest lotions and potions for our face only to slap on a layer of Vaseline or Carmex and think that’s enough to keep our lips looking and feeling luscious – now if that works for you great but for me I needed to up my game and take action!

Most of us suffer with dry chapped lips during the colder months but with the current trend of matte lipsticks everywhere I think we could all do with taking a little extra care of our pouts. This post is a bit of a two parter as it involves a bit of diy plus a review 🙂

First up the diy part……..Lip scrub ingredients

MAC released their Lipscrubtious lip scrub range a few months ago and they peeked my interest as I thought a scrub would be a good place to start to get rid of the dry dead skin. They retail at €15 which may be considered overpriced but that didn’t deter me. I went to my local MAC counter with the intention of purchasing the vanilla flavoured scrub but unfortunately for me it was sold out. Rather than purchase a different flavour I decided to go off and research other lip scrubs and this is where I hit upon making my own! It is so easy to do and you might just have all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen cupboard! The recipe I found on good old Google:

  • A tablespoon of brown sugar
  • A dash of olive oil – you could also use coconut oil
  • A couple of drops of vanilla – makes it smell and taste good 🙂
  • A small container

You just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and transfer into your little pot and bingo – you have your very own homemade lip scrub for less than €5! The little pot I used is from a pack of 5 that I got in Pennys for €1!

Homemade lip scrub

I use this sometimes twice a week and it keeps my lips smooth and soft all year round.

MAC lip conditioner

Now, after you have scrubbed your lips you are going to want to nourish and hydrate them…

When I went to MAC to purchase the scrub I also bought their Lip Conditioner. I had read loads of reviews online, mostly positive but some negative which is always good to read as it helps me decide if its worth a shot. It retails at €15.50 for 15ml and comes in a simple white tube with applicator tip.

MAC lip conditioner

It is a thin balmy type consistency which spreads easily over your lips. MAC describe it as an emollient balm aimed at maxing out repair by conditioning lips. Among its ingredients are Almond oil, Shea butter, Wheat germ oil and Vitamin A and E.

I love to put this on at night before bed after cleansing my skin and applying all my usual skincare. Unlike other balms this one doesn’t just disappear into the skin, I find when I wake up in the morning there is still a nice film of balm left on my lips which leaves them ready for whatever lipstick or gloss I plan on wearing.

I would highly recommend investing in this product if you are looking for a good long lasting balm that will condition and hydrate your lips.

You can purchase the lip conditioner here, the recipe for the scrub I found here

Do you have a lip care routine? What products do you use? Tell me in the comments below


Fiona x

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