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My Favourite Highlighters


Hey Everyone, Hope you’re all having a great week. Although it’s June it really looks and feels like Autumn as the weather here is not at all summery except for the odd few minutes of sun! And seeing as it’s pretty miserable and dull outside I’ve decided to have a little chat about some of my favourite highlighters – we all need a little light in our lives 🙂

IMG_0977I’m a bit of a highlighter collector, its like they just sit on the shelves glistening in their shiney glowy glory calling out to me! I wasn’t always a fan though and in fact I used to never use more than a pop of blush on my cheeks! As you can see most of my collection is from MAC simply because I cannot resist their ever expanding range, and oh what a range they have! But hey I am an equal opportunist and I have included a couple of my faves from other brands.

IMG_1013First up is the very first highlighter I ever bought……. Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Lightscapade from Mac! This is probably my most used highlighter as it gives just the right amount of subtle glow for everyday wear. As you can see from the image it is not glittery at all. In the pan it is made up of a number of different shades which when swirled together on the brush transform into a cool toned radiant powder that gives a soft subtle sheen to the high points of the face. MAC say that it contains their 77 mineral complex and vitamin E.

IMG_1014Next up is cult favourite Soft and Gentle, another Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC. Now when I was shown this I admit I was a bit scared as it looked so glittery and warm toned in the pan. Well how wrong was I!!!! This beauty is one of my go to highlighters for nights out or when I’m just feeling like I need an extra bit of glow – there are no rules when it comes to makeup afterall! Even though it looks so glittery in the pan I don’t find this translates onto the skin at all, just gives a nice pop of glow! And if you want an extra dazzling highlight this baby can be built up as much as you like! The only downside to this, and it is very minor, is that it does kick up a bit in the pan when you run your brush over it so you might want to go easy with it.

IMG_1015The next one I have is an Extra Dimension Skinfinsh from MAC in the shade Oh Darling. Now I actually got this one from the Limited edition Christmas collection 2015 but…… no need to worry as they have now re-released it as part of the permanent line! This is a gorgeous gold highlighter, perfect on beautifully bronzed skin! I love this in the summer for nights out when I’m wearing tan – hey fake it till you make it and all that :). I not only use it on my face but also on the tips of my shoulders and dust over my décolletage. Mac describe it as a liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that lasts up to ten hours!

IMG_1016My very last one from MAC is another Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the shade Soft Frost. This one is probably the most intriguing   as it swatches completely different to how it looks in the pan. As you can see it looks quite white but infact changes to a more violet / purple hued highlighter when swatched and applied to the skin. Now when I say purple your not going to end up looking like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka :-). I love wearing this in the cooler months and less is definitely more with this one as it is very pigmented when applied heavily.

IMG_1012Ok getting away from MAC here is yet another cult favourite….. Mary Loumanizer from The Balm Cosmetics. Now I was a bit late to the party with this one and bought it after seeing so many rave about it and they were not wrong. This one is described as a champagne toned highlighter that can be used on the high points of the face, as a pop of colour on the eyelid or even all over as a finishing touch. Mary packs quite a punch in terms of glowiness and is another that I mainly keep for nights out or heavier makeup days. You do not need much product to get a nice sheen of highlight and this will last ages as its so tightly packed into the pan and doesn’t really kick up much when aggravated with a brush. I also love to use this as an inner corner eye highlight.

IMG_1018Finally I have one of my only liquid highlighter’s…….Ice Goddess shimmering dry body oil from Marissa Carter’s Cocoabrown range. This is one of my most recent purchases  and actually came as part of a trio set with Golden Goddess and Rose Gold Goddess. While the other two are a little on the warm side for my super pale skintone this one is close to perfect. Like Soft and Gentle I love to use it not only as a highlight on my face but also on my shoulders and décolletage and as it is an oil based product I like to just pat it onto my skin so as not to disturb any makeup I am wearing.

So tell me do you have a collection of highlighters? Are you a magpie like me that loves shiney things? Or have you found your holy grail that you cannot live without? I might need to add some more to my collection that I have missed so tell me in the comments below 🙂


Fiona x

11 thoughts on “My Favourite Highlighters

  1. I think highlighters are quite hard to resist! I mainly wear them on the weekends so I’m trying to keep my collection on the light side, I have 1 cream (the topshop glow), one liquid (revlon photoready), and one powder from a W7 duo 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

  2. I love that swatch of the MAC Skinfinish in Soft Frost! I’ve been wanting to try a colored highlighter that isn’t your standard gold color, but isn’t too out there. I might check this one out. Great post!

  3. I certainly am a magpie. If it sparkles I’ve gotta have it! I’ve been loving my Nars New Order highlighter. It’s so pretty and pigmented!

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